Somewhere in the Pathfinder ACG rule book, I remembered reading, that for each check, any player may use one card of each of the different card types, meaning only a single Spell card, Weapon card, Item card, etc.

I don't remember finding in the rules, if I am able to use cards when I am 'between checks'.

For example, if I have 2 Cure cards in my hand, can I use both cards, BEFORE my first free exploration?


Yes playing both cards outside of an encounter are allowed. From the Pathfinder Skull and Shackles rulebook (and probably the others as well as the rule hasn't changed) on page 9:

Playing Cards

Anyone can play a card whenever the card allows it. Playing a card means using a power on that card by revealing, displaying, discarding, recharging, burying, or banishing that card or by performing another action specified by that card.

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