Our family is new to Catan, please help settle a rule interpretaion question.

Does the player who activates the robber by rolling a 7 also fall victim to the "lose-half-your-resource-cards" penalty or are they immune from it because they rolled the dice?

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a) Rolling a “7”✹ and Activating the Robber If you roll a “7,” no one receives any resources. Instead, every player who has more than 7 Resource Cards must select half (rounded down) of his Resource Cards and return them to the bank.


There's no mention of an exemption for the player who rolled a 7.

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    The word 'every' is explicit. There are games where similar mechanics don't effect other players (the 'debt' in expansions to Seven Wonders) but in this case the rules are very clear. – StartPlayer Jan 12 at 10:39

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