Not sure how a duel works in the game BANG! If both the person playing the duel card has a single bang card, and the person they challenge has a single bang card - is it a draw? Or does the person playing the duel card have the advantage of going second - meaning when the person they challenge runs out of bang cards - they win without having to put down a bang card? Like can they win without throwing down a bang card? Or does it work like an actual gun duel works - where each player has to throw down bang cards head to head until someone runs out? Can there be a "draw" if both players have the same number of bang cards? Or is the challenged player always disadvantaged...?

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A duel is a special attack that must be responded to by discarding a bang. If the person the duel is played on is unable to discard a bang they take a hit. If they are able to it goes back to the person who played the duel. If they can't discard a bang they take a hit however if they can the process repeats by going back and forth between the players until one of them is no longer able to discard a bang and that player takes a hit.


With this card you can challenge any other player (staring him in the eyes!), regardless of the distance. The challenged player may discard a BANG! card (even though it is not his turn!). If he does, you may discard a BANG! card, and so on: the first player failing to discard a BANG! card loses one life point, and the duel is over. You cannot play Missed! or use the Barrel during a duel. The Duel is not a BANG! card. BANG! cards discarded during a Duel are not accounted towards the “one BANG! card” limitation.

  • OK thanks Joe. We were arguing because if the player that it is played on doesn't have ANY bangs, the player that played the duel card technically doesn't have to have a bang card either to win the duel. That didn't seem fair in the spirit of an actual duel. I think a couple of us had the concept of playing "war" with a deck of cards in mind...with both players throwing down head to head. Commented Jan 13, 2019 at 15:27
  • 3
    Think of the duel card as the first bang that starts it off and if the player doesn't have any bangs in their hand they are just risking it.
    – Joe W
    Commented Jan 13, 2019 at 16:56

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