This card came up as a discussion. One person was insisting you could choose the same option for Incendiary Command twice and there is no ruling from MTG. Similar cards say you can only chose an option once. Does anyone know which is right?

  • You are commanded to choose two, if you choose one twice, you are not choosing two, you are choosing one, so no.
    – Neil Meyer
    Jan 19, 2019 at 12:35

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No. If you could choose the same mode more than once, the card would explicitly state that (e.g. Righteous Confluence).

700.2d If a player is allowed to choose more than one mode for a modal spell or ability, that player normally can’t choose the same mode more than once. However, a few modal spells include the instruction “You may choose the same mode more than once.” If a particular mode is chosen multiple times, the spell is treated as if that mode appeared that many times in sequence. If that mode requires a target, the same player or object may be chosen as the target for each of those modes, or different targets may be chosen.


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