Related to Does Humility stop all creatures from being able to morph?: The question specifies morphs, but I wondered if this was true for Manifest as well? As Manifest is not an ability on the card, does Humility prevent it from being turned face up for its mana cost?

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You can still turn a Manifested card face up even if it would lose all abilities from a card like Humility.

This is actually called out explicitly in a ruling on Manifest cards:

Unlike a face-down creature that was cast using the morph ability, a manifested creature may still be turned face up after it loses its abilities if it’s a creature card. (2014-11-24)

This is because the thing that lets you turn a Manifested card face-up is not an ability on the card itself that it would lose. Instead, the thing that lets you turn a Manifested card face-up is the Manifest rules themselves, which just say you can turn it face-up for its mana cost any time you have priority.

  • The answer is obviously very good; but there are several details which have been underestimated here, and should be rediscussed. For this, in my opinion there are many more details in the duplicate question "Why can a manifested creature be turned face up if it loses all it's abilities but a morphed card can't? [Duplicate]", especially in the comments at the bottom of the post. Mar 4, 2020 at 10:07
  • Otherwise, it is not clear how a 2/2 vanilla may "lose all its abilities": how can it do it, if it is true that a vanilla has no abilities by definition? It is clear that something here is missing; there are precise connections, which are unclear here, between the moment a card loses its abilities, and the moment it is unmorphed. Mar 4, 2020 at 10:07

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