Let's say I have a job card that says:
Start job: Load 2 contraband on planet X; Finish job: Deliver 2 contraband to planet Y"

I have obtained contraband via some other means.
Is it possible to fly straight to planet Y and take a "Work" action that consists of just finishing the job and delivering the contraband?

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If the job has pickup & drop off locations, you need to visit the two locations in the correct order to finish the job. If the job only has a target location, then you only need to go to one location for completion.

From the official FAQ on page 5:

Question: I don’t get doing Jobs: how do I do them?

..... Each Job will have either a Target or Pick-up Location on the card. You then need to use a Move Action to get your Firefly to the correct location ..... Once you’re at that Location, use a Work Action to progress the Job.

..... If the Job also has a Drop-Off Location, you’ll need to Fly again to the Drop-Off Location to deliver the Goods before completing the Job. If the Job only has a Target Location, you’re done.

Note the use of the word "need" - it never says that the pickup location is optional.

Think of it this way - if you told someone you'll give them $10 to pick you up a burger from your favourite burger joint, and they give you a burger they already had in their car from somewhere else, they haven't really done the job you were paying them to do.

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