Currently the "Diary" horcrux is active which says "Each time a Hero plays an Ally, that Hero loses 1hp."

My hero is currently at 1hp and has an ally to play. That ally gives me a zap to use. When I play the ally and obtain the zap, do I get to use it against a villain or is it removed by me getting stunned? Our players are currently divided about the issue.


The way I interpret the rules is that you can use the zap. Here's what the rulebook says when being stunned:

Discard any or tokens you may have saved on your Player Board from other Heroes’ turns.

If it is your turn, you may still play cards and take actions with whatever you have remaining after being Stunned.

The above was found on page 18 of the rulebook regarding Hero Health. View PDF Rulebook

I would assume that the stun happens immediately and you would follow the stunned steps from top to bottom.

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