In XenoShyft Onslaught, can Troop Card and Equipment Card abilities be used on another player's lane? For example, can a player use the "Stormtrooper" ability to deal 2 damage to a monster on another player's lane?

For references, the rulebook says that player can use card abilities during the "Reaction phase" after revealing an enemy, but nothing about restricting targets:

  • At this time all players have a chance to react to the revealed Enemy. This includes using Special Abilities on their cards or playing Instant cards from their hand.

The "Stormtrooper" card:

enter image description here

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I found the answer in the official FAQ (not included in the box published by EDGE) published on CMON website (game creator) : https://cmon.com/product/xenoshyft/xenoshyft-onslaught

Q: Can I use effects on other player’s lanes (such as the Storm Trooper)?
A: Unless a card specifies “this lane” or “your lane” it can be used on any player’s lane

Since the Stormtrooper ability is "Once per round, this troop may deal 2 damage to 1 revealed enemy", it can indeed be used on another player lane.

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