What if I have Chaos Form in my hand, with the required materials but Chaos MAX is not in my hand. Can I summon it from the main deck?


No you can't. This simply isn't how ritual summons work. Unless any card states otherwise (e.g. the nekroz ritual spells) you must tribute monsters from your hand or field to summon a ritual monster from your hand.

In general you cannot interact with cards in your main deck, unless another cards specifically states otherwise.


I mean it doesn't really say that you can't. So I guess it's up to players choice?

"thats simply not how ritual summons work" doesn't really apply. The game has evolved so much if it doesn't specifically say that you can't summon it from the deck then go for it.

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    A quick look at the basic rules for ritual summoning proves this answer incorrect - it's stated that you need the ritual monster in the hand in order to summon it. – CDClarke Sep 2 '19 at 8:40

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