The instructions are not really clear on some of the nuances of the game, particularly the bioterrorist scenario.

When playing the Forecast event card, do the players have to divulge the order they are sorting the cards to the bioterroist? Or can they do so secretly?

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With the forecast event you can chose to discuss or not discuss the what the cards where that you drew and what order you put them back in. However if you do discuss any of that information you can't keep it from the bio-terrorist.


The Bio-Terrorist may listen to the other players as they discuss their plans and cards, but should not interrupt them on their turns. The non-Terrorist players may not hold private discussions nor pass notes to each other.

I would note that it is possible to lie about the information you got from the card but I would question how useful it would be to lie to your teammates and it could end up hurting you more in the long run.

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