In XenoShyft Onslaught, after the combat phase ends, surviving troops on a player lane keep their current damage token. Then, on the next deployment phase, the rules states that a player can move equipment between troops on his lane :


  • Once all Troops and Equipment cards have been deployed, each player has one last chance to arrange their Lane as they wish changing the order of Troops (only within their own lane), moving Equipment cards around, etc.

If a trooper with a certain amount of HP, equipped with a HP-granting armor, takes an amount of Damage Token exceeding his base HP but inferior to his total HP (base + armor), can the armor be removed from this trooper and given to another?

If it can be done, what happens then to the trooper? Is he discarded instantly, thus freeing a slot (which can not be done, since troops can not be undeployed from the lane)?


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