Since the quetion is about a mechanic revealed in Chapter 3, I'll leave most of it in the spoilers.

We recently added Inhabitants to our game. The rules say that when they die, we "turn over the token representing them." Does this turned over token count as a corpse for items that would care about corpses?

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Inhabitants will not create a corpse.

The term "corpse" is mentioned one time in the rulebook (not counting an example haunt), in the Dying section. This refers specifically to one of your traits moving to the skull, which kills the character and creates a corpse.


Once the haunt begins, if any of your traits moves to the skull, then you die. Tip over your figure on your tile. DROP all your Items, Omens, and Objects. You are now a corpse.

Even if the traitor dies, as long as the monsters can complete the haunt’s goals, the monsters still get their turn (under the traitor’s control) and the traitor can still win.

From the Rulebook PDF

Your traits refers to the traits of a player's character.


As the rules concerning dying are explained before the inclusion of Inhabitants, the rules on their deaths may be open to debate. Inhabitants do leave a ghost in the event of their death, and as the Inhabitant tokens do have a side that marks whether the inhabitants are alive or dead and that Inhabitants do not return to following games in the campaign, I believe it’s fair to say that inhabitants do leave a corpse when killed.

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