Some roles, like the angel or the village idiot, want to be voted themselves.

Is it valid to any villager to vote for himself?

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No version of werewolf I have found forbids a player from voting for him/herself during the day.

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

The players, after much debating and arguing, must select one player that they want to eliminate when they vote.

Stellar Factory Werewolf (playwerewolf.co)

Daytime is very simple; all the living players gather in the village and decide who to kill. As soon as a majority of players vote for a particular player to kill, the moderator says "Ok, you're dead."

Ultimate Werewolf

Each day, the players discuss who among them is a werewolf, and vote out a player.

  • Actually, I was reffering to The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow and 3rd Extension: Characters
    – Malkev
    Apr 11, 2019 at 11:17
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    @Malkev I have edited the answer to cover 3 different versions of Werewolf, Miller's Hollow included
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