I want to use the card Adaptive Automaton in my white artifacts deck. Most of the creatures in the deck are artifact creatures. Now, I am not sure if "artifact creature" is a correct creature type. Let's take Palladium Myr for example. It is of creature type "Myr" and also an "artifact creature". Are both attributes real creature types?

In case I cannot choose "artifact creature", those automatons will find a new home in my Elves deck, but I would prefer to have them in my white artifacts deck.

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    You may be interested in Xenograft
    – ghoppe
    Sep 5 '11 at 4:33
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    Or even more so: Steel Overseer and Tempered Steel.
    – adamjford
    Sep 7 '11 at 19:59
  • ghoppe: Interesting... I don't have blue in the deck in question but it might be interesting for other decks. adamjford: I have 4 Tempered Steel in my Deck, they are really key to winning. I also experimented with Steel Overseers, but they are usually too slow to really pay off in my deck.
    – Demento
    Sep 8 '11 at 11:45

No, you can't, because "artifact" is not a creature type, it's a card type.

The information on the type line is divided into two portions, the type(s) and the subtype(s). Each word before the dash represents a type of the card, and each word after the dash (if any) represents a subtype. For example, Palladium Myr's type line says "Artifact Creature - Myr" so "artifact" and "creature" are its types and "Myr" is its subtype.

When a card says "creature type," it effectively means "subtype of a card which has 'Creature' or 'Tribal' as a type." In other words, the creature type is always a subtype, something that must appear after the dash.

Also, the complete list of possible creature types is given in the comprehensive rules, rule 204.3k as of this writing. When a card like Adaptive Automaton asks you to choose a creature type, you're only allowed to choose one of the words from that list (according to rule 204.3d).


"Artifact creature" is a card type (2 types to be exact, Artifact, and Creature), not a creature type. A creature type is always a sub-type of the "Creature" card type, like Elf, Orc, HUman, Soldier, Myr, and so on. So since Adaptive Automaton requires you to pick a creature type, you cannot pick "Artifact Creature"

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