The Cities and Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan has two cards that have caused us a bit of disagreement.

Mining and Irrigation Progress cards

Take the Mining Progress card for example. It says "...collect two ore for each mountain hex adjacent to one of your cities or settlements." If I only have one settlement and one city and they are both adjacent to the same ore hex, should I collect two cards or four? If you are to count mountain hex then it should be two, but if you are counting cities/settlements it should be four.

The same questions exists for the Irrigation Progress card.

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You only collect two ore.

The 4th edition cards(pg. 15) contain updated text which makes this clear.

You may take two ore cards from the bank for each mountain hex which is adjacent to at least one of your cities or settlements.

You can purchase an updated card deck. I think this is all you need to update your set to the latest edition.


It would count twice (so four ore) in your example if the rules would have stated for each mountain hex adjacent to each of your cities or settlements, unfortunately it doesn't and you have to pick one of your cities or settlements to process the cards for, which one is up to you.

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