If I have Ugin, the Ineffable in play and I want to cast Ugin's Conjurant, how does Ugin, the Ineffable's static ability interact with paying the cost?

Can I announce I want to cast Ugin's Conjurant for 5 and then only pay 3 mana because Ugin, the Ineffable's static abilit reads "Colorless spells you cast cost 2 less to cast"?

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Yes, you can choose 5 for X then only pay 3 mana with Ugin, the Ineffable out.

This is because the process of casting a spell works like this:

  1. Make choices your spell offers you, including choosing modes and the value you'll pay for X in the casting cost where applicable.
  2. Choose targets.
  3. Determine the total cost of the spell, which is its cost plus any cost increases and minus any cost reductions.
  4. Pay that cost.

(There's some other details I've glossed over, but those are the most commonly encountered parts.)

This means in step 1, you're choosing 5 as the value for {X}. Then in step 3, you determine the cost: that's {5} reduced by {2} to get a total cost of {3}.

This also means if you chose 2 as the value for X, you may cast Ugin's Conjurant for {0}.

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