I wanted to buy a Modern deck (a competitive one) for a private tournament which will be in a nearest future. I'm bored with the ones I already have so I wanted to build a new one... I'm currently working on an elf deck and I need some budget alternative to a Collected Company if there are any of those... I can afford to add only 2 Collected Companies at this moment but I think that something more consistent as a 4 of will be better. Any suggestions?

My deck also contains:

That's what I came up with for now. I'm thinking of having 16-17 lands here and I need any suggestions about it.

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No, there isn't.

Collected Company is one hell of a card. It's 1) instant speed, 2) card advantage, 3) usually mana advantage and 4) half a tutor. CoCo (as it's often called) is the best card in the deck, and there's nothing that can compare.

You could potentially run Chord of Calling, but it's significantly worse because convoke works really badly with mana creatures which you have a lot of, and besides Chord of Calling is also an expensive card. Otherwise there is Lead the Stampede which will draw you cards, but does not put them into play; and Eldritch Evolution which will tutor a relevant card, but is not nearly as efficient (and isn't cheap either).

If you don't have 4 copies of Collected Company, you should still run as many copies as you can.

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