Squares 2 and 3 are more traveled than squares 1 and 4 because of people getting in/out of jail. This is supposed to particularly help the value of the orange group, since you land on these spaces after a 6, 7 or 9 roll from jail.

I’d venture to say that the second color group of every square (light blue, orange, yellow and dark blue) is more valuable than the first color group of every square (purple, pink, red and green.) This is because you pay the same for houses in each square, but you get more rent for the second property group on the square. (You pay $50 per house in square 1, $100 per house in square 2, $150 per house in square 3 and $200 per house in square 4.)

I assume yellow is the second most valuable property group after red, since it’s the second group in square 3.

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