I didn't find any questions regarding card grading in here, I hope it's fine anyways.

I was browsing a secondary market today and noticed that Scrying Sheets underwent a price increase, probably because of Modern Horizons. I went through my collection and eventually found one. Now I'm not that experienced when it comes to grading. I mean I know when a card is near mint and when it's not but other than that i find it hard to distinguish the range from Good - Played. Since I wanna sell it I'll have to set a grade for it. My first guess was good but the damage on the bottom right corner makes me concerned.

enter image description here

enter image description here

By what criteria are Magic cards graded, and how would they be applied to this card?

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    I dont agree. One could help with an answer that provides a good method of grading cards in general, this doesn't have to be restricted to this card.
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    Then why not ask the question that doesn't require dealing with the specific card in order to actually be answered?
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From TrollTraderCards:

Near Mint / Mint: ­Cards in NM-Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling or general play

Light Play: ­ Minor scuffing, drawing (including signatures or stamps) or slight bending.

Moderate Play: ­ May show any amount of wear, and any type of wear, but usually still legal for tournament play once sleeved

Heavy Play: ­ As moderate play, although much more excessive. May not be legal for tournament use, even when sleeved.

But for a more in-depth I would use Star City Games's guide as it provides with you example images. You can find that here.

I would grade your card (without personally looking at it) between PL and HP using Star City Games's grading system, as I can't see if the card has much dirt in it but has that white spot near the top on the left. If it is just a blemish and the bottom and the card is also clean, then PL, if the card has some gunk in it overall, then HP.

  • considering your answer I'll grade it as played, thank you.
    – bautista
    Commented May 23, 2019 at 5:27

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