I have been reading a bit on deck composition and this question popped up in my head: can any card be a maverick or is it only few, "exciting" cards?

Obviously the maverick rate is minuscule compared to the deck combinations, so it's hard to say factually but is there a pattern to mavericks at all?


Due to the low occurrence rates of mavericks it's impossible to state conclusively;
but, based on available data of registered decks, mavericks have a similar rarity curve to their non-maverick counterparts (8ishC:3U:1R:0S),
with the exception for some cards that specifically reference their own house (e.g. Wardrummer).

In total just over 4% of decks have at least a single maverick, and no decks have more than 3.

  • How do you check detailed stats like that?
    – posdef
    May 23 '19 at 8:02
  • theres a public API available to allow app integration, but with a little bit of hacky code you can churn through the decks and get statistics on occurrence rates.
    – KMR
    May 23 '19 at 14:41

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