In Scythe, The Rise of Fenris, in campaign mode episode 2 on the peace-track, it's possible to create alliances with other players.

The alliance is broken if one member of the alliance attacks the other.

But does it count as an attack if I move a character or mech into an allied area occupied only by a worker, no mech or character?

The worker is just sent home, there is no attack-action phase involved.

I'm thinking it shouldn't break the alliance, but I'm having doubts.


Moving into an area occupied by a worker, it counts as an attack. From the rules:

If you ever attack a player who has your faction’s Alliance token or force their workers off a territory, you must flip over the [alliance] token you have.

  • Thank you, I was sure we'd missed something. Glad I stuck with my instincts and didn't force the worker away :-)
    – Gertsen
    Jun 1 '19 at 19:18

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