Most pendulum monsters have an opposite. For example Dragonpulse Magician, Dragonpit Magician. One is pendulum value 1 the other 8. My question is, is there an opposite for Guiding Ariadne? Something like:

Monster effect, Level 5 or 7, Pendulum level 6 or 8, Type Fairy, Attribute Light, Attack _____, Defense _____

Pendulum Effect: Each time you activate a counter trap card your opponent takes 500 damage.

Monster Effect: Each time you activate a counter trap card you gain 500 life points.

Basically a card that ties with the pendulum effect of Guiding Ariadne but is higher pendulum level.


I do not believe there is a card to your exact specifics.
There are some online tools though that might help you find cards relevant to your needs. You can use sites like: https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/card_search.action

With these you can filter cards to find only pendulums with certain scales/types/attributes and search for keywords in the name and description (for example, you could look for the word damage to look for cards with a burn effect)

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