My friends and I love this game. But sometimes, we get murdered or it's super easy. The randomizer is an app we use that builds the game for you, and you can just re-randomize for new results. Is there a trick to building a game that can last down the last few cards, or make it more "exciting?" I have access to the hero/villain boards, and most expansions, so making a game can be difficult to keep it fun. Right now, I select the board after building the game to try and maximize the spaces being used, as well as using shield's maria hill/sidekicks or the new recruit/madame hydras.

I've discovered using a team with 3 "main" heroes, and 2 weaker but useful backup heroes works for keeping players happy.

Doctor Octopus(grey)
backed by Venom(Yellow and Green)
backed by Doctor Strange(Blue and Grey)

Keeping the scheme from killing you with the mastermind quickly, but making it hard enough to be a challenge(Hardest step with the heros/villians being used)

Master of Tyrants with Magneto is too easy.
King Hyperion with any scheme that has only a few escaped villians is way too hard
Kingpin with Super Hero Civil War is a good mix

And finally selecting which other 2 or sometimes 3 villain groups to balance out the difficulty.

The Four Horseman, Maximum Carnage, The Mighty Avengers can destroy your game together
Masters of Evil, Spider Foes, Hydra are too easy together
Enemies of Asgard, Skrulls, XMen 1992 are solid

Is there something else I could be doing to making these games enjoyable? A trick like giving cards a value then building a game based on how "strong" a value that card had perhaps?

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