I have been reading up on the stack and how it works, which confuses me even more in certain situations.

1) I have Sigil Captain on the battlefield. My opponent has Engineered Plague with soldier as the chosen creature type. Now I summon a Kor Duelist. What happens? What is the sequence of triggers? Does it die on entering the battlefield, does it get the +1/+1 counters?

2) I have Sigil Captain and Veteran Armorsmith on the battlefield. Again I summon a Kor Duelist. I would guess it becomes a 1/1 with 2 +1/+1 counters and then again a +0/+1 from the Veteran Armorsmith but is this correct?

3) I have 2 Sigil Captains out, again I summon a Kor Duelist. Does it trigger 2 times resulting in a +5/+5? Because it is still a 1/1 creature even though it has +1/+1 counters on it from the first Sigil Captain.

4) Now I have a Spellheart Chimera that is attacking (3 instants in graveyard, so a 3/3). We go into the declare blockers step and my opponent blocks with an Angel of Light. I Lightning Bolt it. It resolves, kills the angel and then goes into the graveyard? resulting in 4 instants in the graveyard in the combat damage step. Making my Spellheart Chimera a 4/3 that deals 4 trample damage to my opponent. Or does the lightning bolt go to the graveyard at the end of combat?

I get the stack and the flow of it, but it is kinda confusing with static abilities from creatures or artifacts.

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Static abilities operate continuously.[CR 604.1] The -1/-1 from Engineered Plague and the +0/+1 from Veteran Armorsmith apply as soon as the Kor Duelist enters the battlefield. There is no moment when they don't apply.

Sigil Captain's triggered ability contains an intervening “if” clause. A triggered ability with a false intervening “if” clause when it would trigger doesn't trigger.[CR 603.4] A triggered ability with a false intervening “if” clause when it would resolves is removed from the stack instead.[CR 608.2]

In (1), the Sigil Captain's triggered ability doesn't trigger because the Kor enters as a 0/0.

In (2), the Sigil Captain's triggered ability doesn't trigger because the Kor enters as a 1/2.

In (3), the triggered ability of both Sigil Captains trigger and are added to the stack (in the order of your choice). When the one added second resolves, it grants two +1/+1 counters to the Kor Duelist. When the one added first would resolve, it's simply removed from the stack instead since the Kor Duelist is currently 3/3.

Spells are moved from the stack to the graveyard (Sorceries and Instants)[CR 608.2k] or the battlefield (others)[CR 608.3] as they finish resolving.

In (4), the the Spellheart Chimera becomes a 4/3 as soon the Lightning Bolt finishes resolving, so it deals 4 trample damage .


A kind soul answered them on another board. Thought I post his answer here aswell.

1) The Kor enters as a 0/0. It dies. It was never a 1/1. The Captain does not trigger.

2) The Kor enters as a 1/2. Again, it was never a 1/1. The Captain does not trigger.

3) The Kor (FINALLY) enters as a 1/1. The two Captains trigger. The first Captain trigger to resolve gives the Kor two +1/+1 counters. It's NOW a 3/3. The second Captain trigger fails to do anything. Since the Kor is currently a 3/3 and not a 1/1.

4) The Chimera currently has a Power of 4. It has Trample. It will assign/deal 4 damage to the Defending Player.

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