In freecell, I make the same number of moves as the best player, but she wins the game in a 1.5 minutes while I need 5.5 minutes. Is there a trick to play fast?

  • I've never done it in 2 minutes – Walter Clark Jul 21 '19 at 12:34
  • The OP is surely talking about some electronic version of the game, which could be considered off-topic. But since speed is based on strategy, it could be considered on-topic. – ikegami Jul 21 '19 at 12:46
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    And “winner of my game” is confusing if your talking about the solitaire game Free Cell. Assuming you are talking about a competitive computer version of the game; the question could be improved by simply asking for strategies on how to solve Free Cell games faster. – GendoIkari Jul 21 '19 at 15:10

My best time in Expert in FreeCell in Microsoft's Solitaire Collection is 1:04.

I think I obtained that time in one of the "Daily Challenges", so it may not have been a "real game". That said, I have reached close to that time on other occasions. In fact, while trying to obtain a screenshot of the score screen to include in this post, I believe I have gotten my second best time ever.

Time: 1:16; Best time: 1:04

(I play all games to completion now, but I abandoned some games early on. My goal is to get the win rate to 99%, which requires playing another 2692 games.)

Rather than spending time pondering my next move, I prefer to experiment and use Undo with impunity. Undo can be performed rapidly by pressing Ctrl-Z. (Holding allows to quickly undo multiple moves, and even reset the board.)

Additionally, the discovery of "Single Tap To Move" option has greatly sped up my game significantly (although my best time was made without it this setting off).

"Single Tap To Move" option

With this option, I regularly get times around 2:00, which I would have considered exceptionally good before.

As for my actual strategy? I really wouldn't know how to describe it.

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