This evening, after contributing to the crib, I held three 5s and the Jack of the 5 that was turned by my opponent.

So, what did my hand score, with the four fives and the Jack of the knobs, after the pegging?

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This particular hand is the famous "29 hand" which is the highest scoring cribbage hand. In fact, you can even get cribbage scoring boards with this design.

enter image description here

The scoring breakdown for this hand is as follows:

  • 8 fifteens for 16
    • 4 fifteens made of a 5 and the J
    • 4 fifteens made of 3 fives (omit each of the 5's once)
  • 6 pairs for 28 (4 choose 2 ways to pair the 5's)
  • Knobs

The hand scores 8*2 + 6*2 + 1 = 29

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