Been playing a bit more of Aeon's End base game, so far, the only nemesis that we simply can't beat with a team of two is the Prince of Gluttons.

We never manage to beat him, whatever the spells/relics/gems, we just get overwhelmed by his minions and his base power. We tried buying only things he devoured, but usually, that's not enough. We do not manage to get geared early enough, Gravehold gets beaten hard, we somehow stale (or die) then he eats everything and we loose.

We had some trouble with the Crooked Mask, but we managed with it, it was a very close game, but it felt "fair". The Prince beats us with no trouble, we have trouble to survive, and he has a time limit...

Is there any tips to beat him ? Specific compositions to have? Do we need to buy expansion packs to get better/other mages/cards ?

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    For the close votes, I think this is not too broad since I ask for tips contained in the base game, there is a finite number of spells/relics/gems, so there should have a way to beat it in the base game, and a reliable tip that apply most of the time – LamaDelRay Aug 12 at 13:58
  • Once you start including all the different expansions as you have also asked about it can become a lot more broad. – Joe W Aug 13 at 0:31
  • @JoeW I'm not asking what extension would help to beat him, but if we need to buy them in order to beat him – LamaDelRay Aug 13 at 7:44
  • That is still the same thing as you need to know which ones would help beat the nemesis in order to know you need to buy it – Joe W Aug 13 at 12:48
  • The thing is, if it's not needed and that he's indeed beatable with only base game components, it's a valid answer. I could even settle for a "you really need lot of luck and you need spell A and B to be available and devoured in the first turns" as a tip, I just want to know if he's beatable with base content + tips if there is some. – LamaDelRay Aug 13 at 14:17

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