I had made it spades I played the jack of clubs opponent put on the ace of clubs and I had low clubs but more and higher spades. If the gentleman had played properly he probably would have euchred me. So instead of trying to get 2 points when really played right they would of got the 2. But because he reneged and wasnt played right i might have got a point or i may have gotten euchred. We very seldom count a 2 points for reneg its either corrected. For a lone its counted as 4 points otherwise you could just reneg so person couldnt get their lone hand. He had the right bower when he reneged so i thought anyway i wasnt getting 2. Did I do the right thing to let it go?

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Most Euchre rules leave it the opponent (you in this case) to call the renege. They don't explicitly identify it as optional, but neither do the penalty sections go on to say what to do if you don't call it (i.e., there's no penalty for not calling a renege).

For instance, from these rules:

the opposing team is rewarded two points if it is caught


[unintentional reneges] are still callable by opponents as reneging

(emphasis added)

  • The Laws of Rubber Bridge are more speccific: "Law 64 - Procedure after Establishment of a Revoke .... (D). ... When any established revoke, including one not subject to penalty, causes damage to the non-offending side insufficiently compensated by the Law, the offending side should transfer additional tricks so as to restore equity.*" Commented Aug 16, 2019 at 21:51
  • Yeah, the bridge mindset is quite different. Commented Aug 16, 2019 at 22:20

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