I have a face-down morph creature that has received 1 point of damage. If my opponent casts Shock or another thing to kill it, can I flip at that point to make the damage disappear or my card still have it (now flipped) until the end of my turn?

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After turning the creature face up, the damage is still marked on the creature, it doesn't somehow disappear. It's still the same creature, only in a different 'state'.

120.6. Damage marked on a creature remains until the cleanup step

707.8. As a face-down permanent is turned face up, its copiable values revert to its normal copiable values. Any effects that have been applied to the face-down permanent still apply to the face-up permanent.

But if the creature has a high enough toughness (4 or more) or protection from red, it might still survive the Shock.

Note that turning a creature face up doesn't use the stack, so an opponent cannot cast a Shock in response to turning a creature face up to kill it while it's still morphed.


A creature that unmorphs has not left play. It is still the same game object as before, and any effects or damage applied to it will still apply.

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