There is this card "Predict" that reads

Name a card, then put the top card of target player's library into his or her graveyard. If that card is the named card, you draw two cards. Otherwise, you draw a card.

Reading its text on Gatherer.Wizards.com, the Oracle text reads as

Choose a card name, then target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard. If that card has the chosen name, you draw two cards. Otherwise, you draw a card.

My doubt is, can I name a basic land card?


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Yes. Basic land cards are cards, so you can choose their names when instructed to choose a card name.

Rule 201.3 governs choosing card names:

If an effect instructs a player to choose a card name, the player must choose the name of a card in the Oracle card reference. (See rule 108.1.) A player may not choose the name of a token unless it’s also the name of a card.

Basic land cards are in the Oracle reference, so you can choose them.


Note that several cards, such as Desperate Research, say "Name a card other than a basic land." The fact that Predict doesn't is a strong indication that they are valid names. Cards in MTG generally mean exactly what they say, nothing more and nothing less.

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