Saboteur Duel adds Troll cards into the game where there is path, but one of the branches is blocked by a troll.

The rules state:

The troll blocks the path behind it. If a player wants to pass a troll, he has to bribe it with 1 gold nugget.

My question is: can I build off the blocked branch?

As precedent for being able to build off a blocked branch I would point to the coloured door cards from Saboteur 2. Any player can build off of a path blocked by a coloured door, but if the gold is exposed through a path through a coloured door, only that team wins regardless of who plays the final card.

Would it be for paths blocked by trolls that I could build off the blocked path but not be able to collect any exposed gold until someone bribes the troll?

I assume the answer is 'no', but the rules aren't explicit on this point and there is some debate in my group.


This is not covered in those rules but it is covered in the rules of the original game.


Important: Newly placed path cards must always have an uninterrupted connection to the start card!

Since you are digging tunnels you will have to have a path to where you are digging the new one. Also it would greatly reduce the power of a card that blocks a path if you could continue building until you get a card to fix the blockage.

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