Here is a short video showcasing a two-player table-top game produced by the Mexican toy company Lily-Ledy (most of its games were licensed from worldwide toy vendors, re-branded and manufactured in Mexico). The play mechanics are a bit similar to the old Aardvark computer game.

Can anyone identify if this game exists under a different toy brand?

Here are some pictures of the game, (sorry for the grainy quality) enter image description here

enter image description here Game description:

  • The objective of the game is to efficiently maneuver a snake around a labyrinth, while trying to grab more pellets than your opponent.
  • Each opponent controls a protruding snake with two knobs.
  • One knob controls how much the serpent protrudes or retracts, while the other knob changes the snake's direction.
  • The tip of the snake is magnetic so it will attract the pellets.
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This game was manufactured in Canada and sold (© 1983) by the U.S. toy company Parker Brothers under the name Sidewinder. A sidewinder is a type of rattlesnake that is known for its side-to-side wiggling form of locomotion, which is similar to the motion of the game pieces.

Instructions, box, game (click to enlarge):

Instructions, box, game

(Image source: a sold-out Etsy listing for the game (archived).)

Description from BoardGameGeek:

A closed board houses a number of 'hidden' locations, each of which contains a small steel marble.

Players manipulate their plastic 'sidewinder' snake, tipped with a magnet, to find the hidden balls and retrieve them for points. It's a lot harder than it looks. Care must be taken when some of the locations force you to twist your 'snake' in almost impossible shapes.

The Mexican version, branded by Lili-Ledy, was called Laberinto, or labyrinth/maze. The Mexican version also depicts snakes on the box.

In August 2023 there was a copy of the Laberinto game for sale on a Mexican website (archived) with several pictures, including the box and the game itself, which matches the image in the question.

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