In chess, the knight moves in an 'L' shape. I have not found any additional name for this. Does this movement have a name other than 'L' shaped?

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    Although this is on topic here; you might have better luck with a question like this over at chess.stackexchange.com. – GendoIkari Oct 9 at 21:53

The move a Knight makes is typically called either a "Knight's move", or "L-Shaped".

There aren't really any more common names than those, as the Knight and it's move are both relatively unique, and predate western chess; being one of two pieces that were directly imported from Chaturanga (the other is the Rook) in their current form.

You will occasionally find referrences to the move as a "Knight's Leap" or "Knight's Jump", but those usages are uncommon.

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