The instructions state you can

(Optional) Construct a building on an open red construction square.

I am assuming the convention is that you can buy one building per moved Meeple?

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If you look at the rules,

You must take the following actions, in the outlined order (Note that only actions A and E are mandatory. The rest are optional):

you can see that you can play each action at most 1 times.

For action C (Building):

C - (Optional) Construct a Building:You need to have at least 1 “Town” square still in construction in order to construct a building, whether this is a square that was added to your territory during a previous round or the current one.

It clearly states a building, so you can only construct one for action C and because there is only one (or none) action C in your turn, you can only construct one building per turn.

  • ugh, what if your last play is a double red??? Commented Jan 22 at 2:34

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