Today I made my first ALL Wild card Canasta with six 2's and a Joker in Classic Canasta :O)

How much is this worth please?

Also, it was concealed... does that 'Up' the bonus?

  • Are you playing classic Canasta or modern/American Canasta? – GendoIkari Oct 17 '19 at 14:50
  • Hiya, We are playing Classic here in Surrey in the UK. – Lorna Millaarr Oct 17 '19 at 16:29

In Classic Canasta, a Canasta of only wilds is not a legal/valid meld.

From the rules:

Every meld, whether a Canasta or not, must contain at least 2 natural cards, and it cannot contain more than 3 total wild cards.

Every meld must contain at least two natural cards. The smallest meld, as usual, consists of three cards, which could be three natural cards (such as 8-8-8) or two natural cards and a wild card (such as Q-Q-2).

Melds can grow as large as you wish. A meld of seven or more cards counts as a canasta. No meld can contain more than three wild cards - so a six card meld must include at least three natural cards, and a canasta must contain at least four natural cards. There is no limit on the number of natural cards that can be added to a complete canasta. A wild card added to a pure canasta of course makes it mixed. Once a canasta contains three wild cards, no further wild cards can be added.

Note that in this version of Canasta, melds consisting entirely of wild cards are not allowed.

American/Modern Canasta does allow a meld or Canasta of all Wilds; but that is a less common variant than Classic Canasta. In American Canasta, a wild Canasta that contains jokers and 2s, without containing all 4 jokers, is worth 2000 points (in addition to the value of the 2s and jokers in the meld).


  • a complete twos canasta scores 3000 points (this is a wild canasta made entirely of twos)
  • a complete joker canasta scores 2500 points (this must contain all four jokers, together with three twos)
  • any other complete wild canasta (containing one, two or three jokers) scores 2000 points
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  • Oh noooooooo! I was soo pleased with myself but thank you for putting us right. – Lorna Millaarr Oct 17 '19 at 17:33

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