I've got this question because I cannot find it in the rule book:

I roll the dice, I miss (so the monster attacks me), I die because of the miss, but the dice shows the "eye" (so for example I activate an ability that works even when the dice misses). In this case, the ability is activated before I die or I die before activating the ability?

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Quick disclaimer, I've not played the game or even heard of it until I read the question. However, I've watched a tutorial video and found the rules online here to try and find the answer for you.

Look at the rules on page 9 for 'No Damage' it says :-

No damage: If activated, the hero takes no damage if he misses the target board.

This might infer that you get to activate this ability before taking damage. However unhelpfully back on page 7 the rules say this :-

Hint: The damage dealt while becoming defeated by a monster is not avoidable. No special powers can prevent that damage.

It would be really helpful to have that 'hint' on a page with all the abilities but it does seem to make it explicit that if a monster defeats you then you do not get to activate a special power, including those that are activated when a character misses.

  • Thank you for your effort in reading rules for a game that you don't have! In BoardGameGeek forum I received the right answer: the ability activates before dying when there is a "miss" with the dice. It is not well explained in the italian rulebook, that's why I asked. Thank you again!
    – kdpkke
    Nov 14, 2019 at 20:42

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