In Tiny Epic Mechs when you enter the zone with the power mech, it says you "immediately take control of it". I was wondering where this falls in relation to other things that happen immediately. Specifically, mines, power up and attacking other players.

  • A mine could prevent you from getting the Mighty Mech as you'd lose health.
  • It would greatly affect a battle, whether you're in the suit or not.
  • Being able to heal or power up and jump into the Mighty Mech in one step would be very useful.

The order of actions I know are:

Mines -> Combat -> Turrets -> Action

Where should entering the mighty mech fall into this?

mighty mech rules


The general consensus in BGG is that entering the Mighty Mech is the first thing to do when entering a square, before any other action or check. So if otherwise allowed you could first enter inside the MM and then check for mines, combat, actions, etc.

But I could not find a written rule or clarification on the web.

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