• Bidder bids 3 Clubs.
  • Opponent doubles.

No other bids.

Bidder makes 3 Clubs.

What is the Score the Bidder gets?

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The score varies by game variant:

Playing Rubber Bridge:

  • Above the line - Insult: 50
  • Below the line - Trick Score of: 120 as 3 * 40

The trick score for the deal equals or exceeds 100, so a game has been bid and made. If this game is the second by the same partnership of the rubber, an additional Rubber Bonus of either 500 or 700 would be scored above the line.

Presumably the disagreement inciting the question is to do with how to score the points earned as doubled - i.e. the trick score above points as 120 - 60. The Rules of Rubber Bridge state clearly:

Law 72 - Points Earned

The result of each deal played is recorded in points, which fall into two classes:

A. Trick Points: Only declarer’s side can earn trick points and only by fulfilling the contract. Only the value of tricks named in the contract may be scored as trick points (see Law 81). ....

Law 81 - Scoring Table


Scored below the line by declarer’s side, if contract is fulfilled:

For each Trick over six, bid and made ... Doubled [in Clubs]: 40



Scored above the line by declarer’s side

For winning the rubber, if opponents have won no game 700

For winning the rubber, if opponents have won one game 500


For making any doubled contract: 50


Further down it makes clear that the slam bonuses are scored only for contracts where 12 tricks (small slam) or 13 tricks (grand slam) have been both bid and made.

There are no further premium points scored as there were no overtricks made.

Playing Duplicate or Chicago

(The latter sometimes also termed Four Deal or Party Bridge scoring.)

  • Not Vulnerable: 470 as 300 (game bonus) + 120 (trick score as above) + 50 (insult as above)
  • Vulnerable: 670 as 500 (game bonus) + 120 (trick score as above) + 50 (insult as above)

There is a variant of Chicago scoring that makes use of above- and below-line scoring, but that is of no consequence on a hand where game is bid and made (ie trick score >= 100), as here.


In Duplicate Bridge (contract Bridge) the most commonly played bridge.

3 Clubs
Vulnerable (red zone): 670 (40+40+40+500+50p)
Not Vulnerable (green zone): 470 (40+40+40+300+50p)

World Bridge Federation
The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

40p For making each Doubled odd trick bid...
500p For making GAME Vulnerable
300p For making GAME, Not Vulnerable
50p For making any Doubled, but not Redoubled contract

2 of a major doubled is game, as is 2NT and 3 of a minor.
When you bid such a contract and are doubled, you have been doubled into game, and you receive the full game bonus.

Here's a couple of great scoring charts you can use:
ptaff.ca - Duplicate Bridge Scoring Tables
No Fear Bridge - Duplicate Bridge Scoring

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