I am looking for a German version of the game/activity Mad Libs. I played it in English before and it was always fun. But some of my friends do not speak English well enough to participate in the game.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a German version yet.


It appears that Mad Libs has not been translated into German.

Also, there seems to be a similar German game named

Onkel Otto sitzt in der Badewanne

In the German Wikipedia entry for Mad Libs, the following is stated (in German ):

A similar game is known in Germany under the name "Uncle Otto sitting in the bathtub". The English language, in which nouns, verbs and adjectives are hardly inflected, offers far more favorable conditions for this game than the German one.

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    That's too bad, but I guess it's true that the English language works a lot better for this kind of games – jost21 Jan 4 '20 at 14:55

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