Is it possible to purchase a settler during the build and trade phase, then load him onto a ship, move him, and then on a next turn convert him into a settlement during build phase?

Or is it considered to be a move and can it be done only during the movement phase?


The things I find confusing are:

  • Manual says: you can not build after moving phase (spend resources) with exception of converting because it does not cost resources
  • Manual doesn't say I can not convert during build phase
  • Manual says I can convert anytime when my ship points hex
  • Manual says I can build a ship on a hex occupied by pirate ship without paying tribute because its not moving (so why converting would be moving ?)

So based on this info I would assume that I can convert setter ship into settlement during my build phase if it is in a correct position already, and then I could upgrade and/or build other stuff.

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Converting a settler to a settlement is done as part of the movement phase, and can't be done during the build and trade phase.

This restriction to the movement phase can be missed in the English version of the rules because the sectioning is somewhat unclear;
luckily we can clarify things a little using the title in the German version of the rules: bewegungsphase: siedlung mit siedlerschiff gründen or Movement phase: Establish a settlement with a settler ship.

as a general rule:

  • In the build and trade phase you do things for which you need resources.
  • In the movement phase you do everything for which no resources are needed (exception: buying additional movement points for wool)
  • Can you provide quotes from manual, on which this rules are based ? Updated the question with parts I find confusing.
    – vardius
    Commented Jan 22, 2020 at 22:48

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