For example, if someone decides to research on the first turn, if they decide to put a card in their archive, would they then draw an energy at random (from the beginning gizmo that allows you to do so whenever you perform a file action)?



Choose any facedown Level Deck (1, 2, or 3) and draw a number of cards equal to your Research Amount. You may not draw from more than 1 Level Deck at a time. Each player starts the game with a Research Amount of 3, but some Upgrade Gizmos may increase that number. If there are fewer cards in the chosen Level Deck than your Research Amount, draw only the number of cards available. After you draw the cards, choose 1 of them and either Build it (if you have enough Energy) or File it (if you have space in your Archive). Or, you can choose to do neither. Return the remaining cards facedown to the bottom of the corresponding Level Deck, in the order of your choosing. You may return all drawn cards to the bottom if you wish, or if you can’t File or Build any of them. Note: The File or Build Action you perform during a Research Action also counts to trigger active Gizmos (see Triggering Gizmo Effects below).[bolding added]


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