I know this question has already been asked, but this situation is different because we use the Streaking Kitten expansion of Exploding Kittens.

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The streaking kitten expansion introduces the streaking kitten card, it allows a player to keep one (and only one) kitten in her hand:

Streaking Kitten 1 Card

While this card is in your hand, you can also secretly hold 1 Exploding Kitten without exploding.


If the Streaking Kitten leaves your hand for any reason, the Exploding Kitten in your hand will explode.

If another player steals or receives an Exploding Kitten from your hand, they explode. They must defuse it or lose the game.

If you take any action causing you to play an Exploding Kitten from your hand into the Discard Pile, you explode. You must defuse it or lose the game.

IMPORTANT - Streaking Kittens and Exploding Kittens can not be used with the 5 Card Special Combo. This means you can't use either of them in your collection of 5 cards, nor can you remove either of them from the Discard Pile.

Why? Because it breaks the game. Don't break the game...the game loves you.

If for example, there are 4 players. Using streaking kittens expansion, the deck has 4 kittens. The moment you are running out of cards, 4 kittens must have been played of which at most one is streaking at one of the players. The other 3 kittens must have been exploded eliminating 3 players. So there is only one player left who is the winner.

This can only occur if something went wrong:

  • You put 3 kittens in the deck. This expansion adds one kitten for each player.
  • A defused kitten is discarded. Defused kittens are put back in the draw pile.
  • The player with the streaking kitten card collected more than a single kitten. A streaking kitten card only let you keep one kitten.
  • The streaking kitten card was stolen, enabling an other player to collect a kitten, but the original kitten "forgot" to explode. If you lose the streaking kitten card while holding a kitten, it explodes.

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