In Encounter 2 of the Respected Citizen quest of the Shadow of Nerekhall campaign the rewards include:

If Bertram is present during the quest and not defeated, during the next Shopping step of the Campaign Phase, the heroes reveal one additional Shop Item card per hero.

If Bertram is defeated, the overlord receives “The Scoundrel,” Corrupt Citizen card.

The setup for Encounter 2 includes:

If the heroes won Encounter 1, they place a villager token in an empty space adjacent to a hero figure. This is Bertram.

The heroes win Encounter 1 “if Bertram is knocked out”. Otherwise the overlord wins by moving him off the map.


  • Do the heroes get their Bertram reward if the overlord wins Encounter 1?
  • If the overlord wins Encounter 1, can ze not get zir Bertram reward?

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Under the Victory section of Encounter 1 it reads:

If the overlord wins, he immediately receives “The Scoundrel” Corrupt Citizen card.

So the answer to the second question is no. If he won Encounter 1 he already has it.

The answer to the first question: they probably meant encounter rather than quest; otherwise your interpretation is correct and the “If” is redundant.

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