Is moving an existing blockade forward together to form a new blockade on a new space allowed?

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Proposed answer : A new blockade cannot be formed

Parcheesi is the trademarked name of the American version of the Indian game Pachisi. Milton-Bradley and Parker Brothers sold the game under this name and were acquired by Hasbro.

The Parker Brothers rules do not address the problem presented here. Parker Brothers Parcheesi Rules

The Milton-Bradley rules do explicitly address the situation.

Milton-Bradley Parcheesi rules

Milton-Bradley rule on blockades

Answer. You are not allowed to form a new blockade from an existing blockade.

  • The wiki page also notes that it is prohibited: "Blockade pieces may not be moved forward together with the roll of a double." (That bit is found with a citation to the Parker Brothers rules, which, as you say, doesn't corroborate the rule.) It was added in a big block of rules text back in April 6, 2015. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parcheesi (I've added a citation there to the MB rules.) Mar 2, 2020 at 20:12

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