In Gin-Rummy, besides several exceptions, in most rounds the best move is to Knock as soon as possible. What are those exceptions? When it is better to go for Gin / Undercut?

While this question generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, I presume that some guidelines are a consensus.


From Rummy-Talk: When to Knock, Play for Gin, or Underknock

Knock, under most conditions, should be utilized at the first opportunity, with a few exceptions:

  1. When the odds are in favor of your going out in a game, or obtaining enough score to catch up to your opponent.

  2. When it is a reasonable assumption on your part that you stand to be underknocked by laying off his cards.

  3. When you know that your opponent is not in a position to knock his hand

  4. When you have your opponent’s hand dead.

  5. When your hand has the characteristics of a gin hand.

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