Monopoly Deal - Suppose, I have 6 cards before I got my turn. I picked up 2 Cards from the deck. Now, I have 8 cards. Can I not use any of the cards in this turn and pass my turn? Which means I have 1 excess of 7 (so i will put 1 card back to the deck). Is this a valid move?

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    To be clear, your cards in excess of 7 get placed on the discard pile, not the draw pile.
    – BradC
    Apr 1 '20 at 20:17
  • Just curious what would be the advantage to drawing excess cards and then not playing any?
    – Jokus
    Apr 22 '20 at 22:02

Yes. This is explicitly allowed by the rules:

On your turn:
Play up to 3 cards ... You don’t have to play any cards if you don’t want to.


Drawing an excess number of cards is a legitimate tactic.

Suppose you have 6 cards at the start of your turn, 3 of which are "Pass Go" (i.e., play to discard pile, draw 2 new cards). In theory, you could finish your turn with 11 cards (6 + 2 drawn at turn start, + 3 for each Pass Go played), so you need to discard 4 of them to get back down to 7. You could discard property cards your opponent is seeking, denying them the chance to draw them / steal them, whilst freeing your own hand up.

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