I played this card game with my mom back in the 70's. Sometimes we played with more than 2 players. Each player had their own deck of cards. I can't remember exactly how we played, but I think we each had a pile of cards to play from in front of us face down (maybe 21 cards in stack/pile but not sure). There were 4 slots/piles to play from/on on. 4 piles were either beside our playing stack or in front of each of us. I also think there was a pile/base/stack of cards in the middle face down. I don't remember if we had cards in our hands or not.

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    Welcome to the site, and thanks for your question! Are there any additional details you can give us? For example, do players take turns or is this a game of speed? is the game associated with any particular culture? etc, anything might help. Commented Apr 1, 2020 at 15:32

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The descriptions sound a little like a game I played at school and was know by us (possible as local dialect) as Slam.

Doing a google search I've found [double patience] which matched your description.1

28 cards are played out in 7 piles with 1-7 in each (if you recalled 21 then then would work as 6 piles 1-6 in each)

The object is to get rid of your cards onto central piles.

It's possible to play with multiple players if each player has their own deck.


This sounds like the game Speed to me. Here is a link to a website about Speed. Here is a video as well. Hope this helps.

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