When playing Carcassonne with the exapansion the Princess and The Dragon when you draw a dragon tile can you move the fairy before the dragon starts to hunt? In my rules (in Dutch) the Dragon starts to hunt after step 1 (placing a land tile) is completed while on the WikiCarpedia it is mentioned that the Dragon starts to hunt after step 2 (placing a meeple) and is by consequence possible to place the fairy before the dragon starts to hunt.


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When you reveal a dragon tile, you place the tile, then place a meeple (or move the fairy), then the dragon moves.

Moving the fairy replaces a meeple placement, and you may place a meeple before the dragon moves. From the German rules

Der Drache (12 Karten)

Sobald eine Karte mit einem Drachen aufgedeckt wird, legt der Spieler sie wie gewohnt an und darf einen Gefolgsmann darauf setzen. Dann wird das Spiel kurz unterbrochen – der Drache zieht!

The Dragon (12 tiles)

As soon as a dragon tile is revealed, the player places it as usual and may place a meeple on it. Then the game is briefly interrupted - the dragon moves!

The rules for the fairy say:

Immer dann, wenn ein Spieler in seinem Zug keinen Gefolgsmann einsetzt, darf er die Fee auf eine beliebige Karte setzen, auf der ein eigener Gefolgsmann steht.

Whenever a player does not place a meeple during their turn, they may place the fairy on any tile which already has one of their own meeples placed.


Looking at the Z-Man rules here The dragon moving is listed as phase 1b. ie after placing a tile but before placing a meeple.

It also confusingly says

Unlike Volcano tiles, you are allowed to place a meeple on a Dragon tile. Then... the dragon moves which would appear to contradict 1b.

Looking at the original Rio Grande rules linked from BBG here

Whenever a player draws a tile showing a dragon figure, he places it as he would normally place a tile, and may also place a follow on the tile as he normally could. Then, the game is briefly interrupted whilst the Dragon moves.

As both sets of rules including wording that you may place a Meeple and then place the dragon I would go with that.


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