In Gin-Rummy, when you and/or the opponent getting close to the winning score (usually 100), how one should modify her play?

For example, I think, that if you just need few points in order to win then trying to Gin is a waste, better to go for a fast knock.

An answer might be divided into three cases:

  1. I am close to Wining
  2. Opponent is close to Wining
  3. We are both close to Wining

The end-game might change the play in the following decisions:

  • Pickup/Pass
  • Pickup/Draw
  • Which card to discard
  • Knock fast / Gin

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From rummytalk about the importance of keeping under the count:

reduce the point total in your hand so that even if your opponent should go gin, your total point count will be low enough so that he will not win the game.

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