In Gin-Rummy, if both players pass the first face-up card, does the first player must Draw from the pile or she can Pickup the first discard?

Obviously, there is no benefit in first pass a card, then when the opponent also show no interset by passing, to pick it up, however, does the rules allow it?

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Pagat says the first player cannot go back and take the face up card but must draw from the stock:

If both players refuse the turned-up card, the non-dealer draws the top card from the stock pile.

It seems to be the common rule. Wiki, Spruce Crafts, WikiHow all agree


Gin-Colony state that after both players have passed the first player must Draw. However I am not sure if that is a (common) house rule or a formal rule.

If both players pass (refuse) the very first upcard, the non-dealer must start a game by drawing the top card from the closed deck. He adds this card to his hand and discards ANY card on top of the original upcard to build the waste pile.

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